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The Importance of Brand and Color Identity

Category: Howto & Style
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One of the most common questions we get at AlphaGraphics is why does my logo look different on my screen than when I print it? And how can I make sure my logo prints the way I expect every time?

Let's start by understanding that one color on your computer screen is likely different than the same color on my computer screen. Your laptop is probably showing you a different color than your desktop which is different than your tablet which is different than your phone.

So how do we print the RIGHT color?

Printers around the world use something called the Pantone Matching System. 1000's of colors are each given a PMS number which corresponds to a specific color in a Pantone Swatch Book. PMS Swatch books are available printed on both glossy and matte paper because not only do colors look different on different computer screens, color also looks different on different types of paper and on different colors of paper.

So, to make sure AlphaGraphics red prints the same way every time, shops all over the world use PMS 485 and the red printed on envelopes, business cards and letterhead from Georgia look the same as those printed in Utah. And the red says consistent whether its on paper or on a van.

Coca Cola red is PSM 484. YouTube red is PMS 032. KFC red is PMS 187. Consistency across channels is crucial to brand identity. KFC's branding guide highlights this important fact by stating, "The KFC identity colors have been the same since the beginning of KFC,
carrying consistency as our look has evolved. These recognizable colors should never be substituted, even if you believe the colors to be close."

To make sure your color is RIGHT, AlphaGraphics can help you establish your brand across marketing channels - signage to print to specialties to world wide web. Call on us to get started.