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Transferring Wordpress Websites

By: printutah
Posted in: Web Development
Transferring Wordpress Websites

We are transferring a client's website from a staging domain to the main domain on Saturday in order to reduce business hour downtime as much as possible. The client is hosting on hostmonster.com (same company bluehost) and here is the help doc that outlines their process:


I, however, took a different route for particular reasons.

In ramping up to the launch and working closely with the client's SEO expert, Neal, I encountered one or two issues that caused concern. A week or two prior, the development site went down so I got on Host Monster's chat to track down the problem as I couldn't see anything from my end that was raising any flags.

I must say, throughout the process, Host Monster's support was excellent and (or but depending on how you might feel) methodical. After half an hour or so the site was back up. I asked them what was causing the glitch, but the support person simply replied that it's working now without providing any details.

We also encountered stuttering steps while installing a third party SSL certificate. Host Monster's control panel interface is relatively straightforward to navigate, even if you aren't all too familiar with the intricacies of SSL, certificates, CSRs and everything else.